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Brokerage Rates

All packages shipped fromĀ  our Caribbean Box address in Miami with be cleared and delivered to the customer. Packages shipped via liat quik pak will not be cleared unless instructed my the customer and brokerage charges will apply.

Duties are charged by customs will be paid by the customer on receiving their package.

Please Note: Brokerage rates are from $90 shipping bills are $70

Amplifier 56%
Artificial Flowers 43%
Assorted Foodstuff 55%
Auto Parts 56%
Auto Parts Headlights 49.5%
Auto Parts Mirror Rear 50.25%
Auto Parts Shocks 56%
Auto Parts Windscreen 32.5%
Baby Car Seat 62.5%
Baby Crib 38.5%
Baking Pans Aluminum 50.5%
Batteries – Duracell 50%
Battery Charger 41.5%
Bed Sheet 49.5%
Bicycle 36.25%
Blender 68.5%
Body Lotion 55%
Glass Bottles 16.5%
Braids 50.5%
Brakes Lining and Pads 38.75%
Burglar Alarms 31.5%
Calculators 41.5%
Camera Films 48.25%
Caps 62.5%
Car Alarms 49.5%
Car CD Changer 68.5%
Cards (Musical) 50.5%
Cash Register 41.5%
CD Player 55%
CD (Blanks) 41.5%
CD (Recorded) 55%
Ceiling Fans 32.5%
Cellular Phones 44.5%
Ceramic Tea Cups 50.5%
Christmas Lights 50.25%
Computer 6.5%
Computer Parts 11.5%
Computer Software 37.75%
Condoms 16.75%
Confectionery 61%
Converter 36.5%
Copier 41.5%
Curtains 50.5%
Cutlery 38.5%
Deep Fryer 55%
Digital Camera 68.5%
Document Books 6.5%
Dresses 42.5%
Drill (Electric) 16.5%
Drums 38.5%
DVD Movies 38.5%
DVD Player 69%
Electronic Equalizer Commercial 6.5%
Electronic Equalizer Home 49.5%
Electric Lamp With Shade 44%
Electronic Typewriter 41.5%
Exercise Machine 33%
Fabric Cotton 37.75%
Fax Machine 11.5%
Film Camera 44%
Film Camera 44%
Gasket and Seals Metal 26.5%
Gasket Seal Rubber 44.5%
Guitars 38.5%
Hair Accessories 38.5%
Hair Dryers 62.5%
Handbag (Ladies) 62.5%
Handkerchief 43%
Headphones 50.5%
Hinges 16.75%
Hydraulic Hose 22%
Image Projectors 41.5%
Imitation Jewelry 69%
Incenses 56%
Ink 16.75%
Iron 50%
Karaoke Machine 56%
Keyboard 38%
Laminating Machine 16%
Lawn Mower 48%
Light Fixture Bulbs 50.5%
Light Fixture and Lamps 44%
Lighters 68.5%
Live Flowers 59%
Locks 16.75%
iPad 6.5%
Microphones 50.5%
Microwave Oven 62.5%
Mixers – Kitchen/td> 68.5%
MP3 Player 56.5%
Ornaments Wooden 50.5%
Panties 42.50%
Paper Bag Gifts 27.25%
Pens 55%
Perfumes 68.50%
Photographic Films 50.5%
Picture Frames – Wooden 50.5%
Pipe Fitting Aluminum 32.5%
Plastic Sheets Adhesive 38.75%
Printer 6.5%
Prints Framed 56.50%
Purses 50.5%
Receivers 68.50%
Satellite Dish 41.50%
School Bags 56.5%
Sewing Machine-Household 16.5%
Shoes/Slippers/Sandals(Ladies) 43%
Sofa 50.5%
Speakers 44.50%
Steam Jet Washer 11.5%
Stereo Portable 62.5%
Stove 49.5%
Stroller 26.5%
Sunglasses 44.5%
Surge Protectors 41.5%
Tape Deck-Cars 68.5%
Tarpaulin 36.5%
Telephone Set 11.5%
Television Set 68.5%
Tents 38.5%
Tiles 38.75%
Toaster 62.5%
Toner 11.5%
Torchlight 38.5%
Toys 38.5%
Vacuum Cleaner 68.5%
Video Camera 68.5%
Video Cassette Recorder 68.5%
Video Game 68.5%
Watches 37.5%
Weed Eater 16.5%
Wooden Crafts 50.5%